Ultrasonic and Hydrostatic Testing

Wilson Supply Tests and Certifies Gas Cylinders! 

Do you have an old cylinder that is out of date to be filled? If so bring your tank to Wilson Supply! From By offering both Hydrostatic Pressure Testing and Ultrasonic Examination, we here at Wilson Supply can test a wide variety of cylinders or tanks. 

Wilson Supply has over 25 years of experience with Hydrostatic Pressure Testing. Hydrostatic Pressure Testing involves filling the cylinder with water to pressures much higher than the cylinder will ever operate with it's native contents.  

In addition, Wilson Supply offers Ultrasonic Examination of cylinders. Ultrasonic Examination uses sound waves to determine the thickness of the tank and to detect any flaws to determine that the tank is fit for purpose. This method does not require the valve to be removed, you can test full cylinders without losing the contents within.

Listed below are some of the cylinders that we at Wilson Supply can provide testing for.

Cylinder Data 

All data approximate. Full cylinder pressure is at 70 degrees F. Height includes cylinder cap. 

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